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There can be times where an employee needs to take another leave entitlement while on a period of annual leave

Sick and Carer's leave

If an employee is sick or injured while on annual leave, the employee can use their paid sick leave instead of their annual leave. They can also use their paid sick and carer's leave instead of their annual leave for caring responsibilities or family emergencies. 

The amount of leave taken is deducted from the employee's sick and carer's leave balance. 

For more information about sick leave entitlements, please see: Sick and carer's leave

The employee will need to give their employer notice and provide evidence if their employer asks for it. See Notice & medical certificates for more information.

What if the employee doesn’t have enough sick leave?

An employee can come to an agreement with their employer. For example, they may agree the employee can continue with their annual leave or start a different type of leave such as unpaid leave. 

Other types of leave

Compassionate leave and family and domestic violence leave can also be used during a period of annual leave. For example, if an immediate family member were to pass away during a period of the employee's annual leave, the employee can use compassionate leave instead. 

See Compassionate leave and Family and domestic violence leave for more information. 

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