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Draughtspersons put together technical drawings and plans that are often used in construction, engineering and manufacturing.

A draughtsperson usually uses computer-aided design (CAD) systems to prepare drawings.

Award coverage for a draughtsperson depends on:

  • the industry or industries their employer operates in
  • the specific role and responsibilities of the employee.

They are classified based on their qualifications, experience and duties.

Industry award coverage

Building and Construction Award

The Building and Construction Award may cover a draughtsperson if:

  • their employer is in the general building and construction industry, and
  • the work is done on a construction site, and
  • there’s a classification which matches their duties and qualifications.

If the work is done offsite, the Building and Construction Award doesn’t apply.

No industry award coverage

Manufacturing Award

Draughtspersons not covered by an industry award are covered by the Manufacturing Award on an occupational basis. They’ll be classified based on their duties and qualifications.

Are there any exceptions to this?

Yes. The Manufacturing Award doesn’t apply on an occupational basis to employees covered by the Professional Award.

Professional Award

The Professional Award may cover a draughtsperson if they are required to have either of the following to perform the role:

  • a degree in engineering, or
  • qualifications at least equal to those of a graduate member of Engineers Australia.
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