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Brand ambassadors don’t sell products. They promote brands and products, provide information, product samples and promotional materials.

Industry award coverage

Retail Award

Brand ambassadors will be covered by the Retail Award if:

  • they work for an employer in the general retail industry
  • there’s a classification that matches their qualifications, duties and responsibilities.


Varitney is employed as a casual brand ambassador for a regional supermarket chain.

The supermarket produces its own line of products. Varitney sets up a demonstration booth instore. She cuts up and hands out samples, answers questions on the products, hands out information pamphlets and packs up the booth at the end of her shift.

Varitney doesn’t sell any products direct to the customer. If customers want to buy the products they have to take them to the checkouts.

Varitney is covered by the Retail Award as a level 1 employee.

Other industry award coverage

To work out whether another industry award covers you, you may wish to contact us on your own situation.

No industry award coverage

Brand ambassadors not covered by an industry award might be:

  • covered by the Miscellaneous Award, or
  • award free.

Miscellaneous Award coverage

Brand ambassadors are covered by the Miscellaneous Award if:

  • they’re not covered by another industry or occupational award
  • they’re not a managerial or professional employee.

An employee may be considered a professional employee if their role requires a degree qualification, such as a bachelor’s degree.

They’re classified based on their duties and qualifications.


Tammy is employed by a promotions company as a brand ambassador. She doesn’t have any qualifications, but she’s been working for the company for 18 months.

The promotions company helps its clients to promote their brands by having brand ambassadors attend various businesses, venues and events to hand out information, promotional material and samples.

On Friday night Tammy worked at the grand opening of an artisanal and gourmet market. She wore the uniform of the venue and worked from an information table and handed out free product samples to customers as they arrived.

On Saturday she worked at a football game where she threw free tennis balls with a company logo on them into the crowd.

On Sunday she worked outside a big box store and handed out discount coupons for and information about a new product the store was selling.

Tammy is covered by the Miscellaneous Award. She’s classified as a Level 2, because she’s been employed for more than 3 months.

Award free

Brand ambassadors who aren’t covered by an industry or occupational award or the Miscellaneous Award are award free.

Award free employees are entitled to the national minimum wage and the National Employment Standards.

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