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Some allowances in the Electrical Award are marked as all-purpose. When an employee is entitled to an all-purpose allowance it’s included in their rate of pay when calculating any penalty or loading payments, such as overtime. We refer to this as an all-purpose rate. The all-purpose allowances in the Electrical Award apply to part-time and casual employees on a pro-rata basis depending on their ordinary hours of work.

To find out the amount of an allowance, use our Pay and Conditions Tool. When selecting the applicable all-purpose allowances, you will need to add them before you get to the final pay summary screen. The hourly pay rate shown in the calculator is inclusive of the following all-purpose allowances:

  • Electrical distributions line maintenance and tree clearing allowance
  • Industry allowance
  • Tool allowance
  • Electrician’s license allowance
  • Leading hand allowance
  • Nominee allowance.


Joey is a part time electrician working 20 hours a week for an electrical contractor. He gets 2 all-purpose allowances: the Industry allowance, and the Leading hand allowance, as he’s been specifically appointed as in charge of 3 to 10 employees.

He’s paid a pro rata amount for both allowances based on 20 ordinary hours per week.

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