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Part-time employees accrue paid leave on their ordinary hours of work.

Ordinary hours of work in the Hospitality Award are any hours the employee is rostered to work, including:

  • the employee’s guaranteed hours
  • any additional hours during the times the employee is available to work (their availability).

See Part-time employees for more information about guaranteed hours, availability and additional hours.

A part-time employee gets paid overtime when they work hours that aren’t rostered hours. Paid leave doesn’t accrue on overtime.


Zac is a food and beverage attendant. He works 25 guaranteed hours each week, and he’s usually rostered for 5 hours each day from Monday to Friday.

His employer issues a weekly roster. This week Zac is rostered to work an extra hour each day of the week. The additional hours are during Zac’s availability.

On the third day of the week, during his shift Zac is asked to work for an extra 2 hours.

Annual leave will accrue on all Zac’s rostered hours, including the 5 hours per day he is guaranteed and the extra hour per day which he was rostered to work during his availability.

The extra 2 hours Zac worked on the third day is overtime. Annual leave won’t accrue on this.

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