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Traffic controllers manage and direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic when there are road disruptions. They’ll be covered by:

  • an industry award, or
  • the Miscellaneous Award.

Industry Award coverage

An industry award can cover a traffic controller if:

  • their employer operates in the industry defined in the award
  • there's a classification which matches the employee’s duties and qualifications.

Building and Construction Award

The Building and Construction Award applies to traffic controllers if:

  • their employer is in the onsite civil construction industry
  • the traffic management work is done on site as part of civil construction work.

Security Award

The Security Award applies if:

  • the employer is in the security services industry
  • the traffic management work is done as part of ensuring the security of people or property, protection services or crowd control offered by the business.

Other industry awards

Other awards with classifications for employees who do traffic management include the following:

  • Port Authorities Award
  • Car Parking Award
  • Cemetery Award
  • Airport Employees Award
  • Black Coal Mining Award
  • Sugar Award

No industry award coverage

Traffic controllers not covered by an industry are covered by the Miscellaneous Award. They'll be classified based on their duties and qualifications.


Maddi is a traffic controller.

She’s employed by a company that prunes trees in customer’s yards.

Maddi designs traffic management plans, sets out signage and directs traffic around sites when trees are being pruned next to roads.

Her employer is covered by the Gardening and Landscaping Award. This Award has no classification covering the work that Maddi does.

Maddi is covered by the Miscellaneous Award.

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