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During an excursion, an employee who is a shiftworker can work an afternoon, night, or public holiday shift, and they will be entitled to the relevant shift allowance.

If during that shift an overtime penalty applies, the overtime penalty rate is payable instead of the shift allowance.


Stassi is a full-time, residential youth shiftworker for a residential care program provider. She is classified as a level 2 social and community services employee.

One weekend a month Stassi is rostered to accompany youth living in the residential care houses on a camp.

The excursion runs from 2pm on Friday to 6pm on Sunday. Stassi agrees to work a minimum of 10 ordinary hours on Saturday and Sunday.

The shifts that Stassi works during the excursion are:

  • 2pm Friday to 9pm Friday
  • 8am Saturday to 10pm Saturday
  • 8am Sunday to 6pm Sunday.

During her shifts, Stassi has her meals with her clients. This means that her meal breaks count as time worked.

On Friday Stassi is paid her ordinary rate of pay plus the afternoon shift allowance of 12.5%.

On Saturday Stassi is paid 150% of her ordinary rate of pay for the 10 ordinary hours of work. For the first 3 hours of overtime Stassi does she receives 150% of her ordinary rate of pay and 200% of her ordinary rate of pay for the final hour of overtime.

On Sunday Stassi is paid 200% of her ordinary rate of pay for the 10 ordinary hours worked.

Because overtime and weekend penalties are paid for work on a Saturday and a Sunday the shiftwork allowances will not be paid.

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